Meet Our Dream Team


Our Story

Owners:  Scott and Vicki Nokleby

We are Scott and Vicki, owners and farmers of Resurgent Vineyard. We live amongst ancient rocks, stones and soils of the Walla Walla River bed, which textures our amazing vineyard. We have both done many things as entrepreneurs and business people before arriving here, but now is the time for farming and wine. This is our middle age adventure and it began when we met and married in 2008.  

Bringing a blended family together happens every day, yet it is a special thing with unique characteristics. Blended needs roots and time and space. Resurgent Vineyard brings it home for us, where together with our children, grandaughter and extended family our blended story grows into this place.  

We have an amazing team that helps us craft the success and heartiness of this beautiful farm and vineyard. They are talented professionals and we are blessed to have them. Together we can grow gorgeous fruit for ourselves and others. And we can create rich wines that bring the spirit of our place to the senses. 

Damon Lalonde

Vine Whisperer

Damon Lalonde, a well-known and respected vineyard & vine whisperer has an eclectic resume rich with passion for the wine industry. His time at Chateau St. Michelle as a Viticulturist and years of Vineyard management and consulting throughout Washington and Oregon make him an expert in his craft.  

He is a partner in French Creek Vineyard and has history with many Vineyards including Corliss Estates, Force Mejeure and Charles Smith, and the development of K Vintners’ Powerline Estate Vineyard, which received a #2 ranking in Wine Spectators’ Top 100 wines of 2017.

Lance Bullock

Vineyard Manager – Owner of Bullock Ranches

Lance has lifelong experience in farming and rich family history in the valley.  He manages and orchestrates the crew and provides expertise in every aspect of farm life at Resurgent.  He is tireless and meticulous, which is always reflected in theclean beauty of the Vineyard. He is a joy to work with. 

Billo Naravane

Master of Wine, owner of Rasa Wines

During earlier years at Resurgent Vineyard Billo worked 3 years designing and directing the cultivation of Resurgent.


Special Tribute to all of our family members who have gone before us, we hope you are watching with love and enjoying the best wine if you want to. 

And to the Spirit of the place, who brings the magic.